Our services can help you develop your projects in higher quality while lowering the costs - and take advantage of our solutions.

Turnkey application-testing


Let qualified experts do the testing



Resource rent, turnkey testing, security tests



Looking for reliable testing experts?


We provide professional expertise so your developments can be published with suitable quality at optimized costs.

Introduction of quality management tools


We support the introduction of FrontEndART tools



Passing the best practice



Looking for tools to increase development quality?


Our experts will help introduce FrontEndART tools in your development process by inserting its usage into the current steps. We pass the best practice, so you can take advantage of every benefit our tools.

Source code qualification


We'll measure the quality of your developments



Providing independent expertise



Would you like to know what quality development you base your operation on?


Our experts prepare a detailed analysis on the quality of your development uncovering bugs, risks and the expected maintenance cost of the source code.

Vulnerability and penetration testing


Get to know the weak points before it's too late!



Ethical hacking



Hacking doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing. The so-called ethical hacking is a prevention method, which is performed on systems prior to launch in order to become aware of their serious flaws.

International, professional QA training


Gain competitive knowledge



Software quality management training


Do you want to gain internationally acclaimed competency? We can train your workers and show them the best practical methods so you can ensure your competitiveness in the field.



Case studies
Let's calculate maintenance costs with QualityGate!

In this case study, we demonstrate how Qualysoft, an international software development company estimated future development and maintenance costs for a development project using QualityGate.

Which development company should I choose?

The following case study shows how QualityGate gives an objective, previously unmeasured, yet very important quality characteristic which can help a client choose the best development company for the required job - and how this new characteristic affects the whole decision process.


We recommend it to suppliers and for those who find it important to find the best developers.

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We develop custom software for our customers internationally. There has been a noticable increase in customer satisfaction since we have started using QualityGate, which led to new contracts even in a short-term period.
We are developing our own software. The competition led us to reduce development and maintenance costs as much as possible. QualityGate helped us take control over costs after introducing it in our development process.
QualityGate greatly increases the efficiency of our development, helps us sustain source code quality and minimize the risk of our projects. The solution also helped us in taking over the maintenance of systems developed by other companies.
Krisztián Garai (P92 RDI)
Előd Orbán (Enterprise Group)
Dr. Zsolt Szepessy (evopro Innovation)
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