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Our company specializes in software quality assurance through automated source code analysis. The wide range of developed products revolve around accomplishing better software for a better, safer and less wasteful world. Reliability, maintainability and overall quality come from the core of the software — the source code. Functional testing however is necessary but not sufficient for calculating long-term maintainability costs and efforts.

Unfortunately, objective software quality measurement has not been taken seriously. Nowadays, more and more companies realize how important it is to improve the quality and lower maintenance costs and how the cheaper developments can quickly become much more expensive over time. When planning ahead, it is essential to deal with software quality and maintenance. Our solutions conform to ISO standards and innovate the whole source code quality management process while keeping it all simple.

SourceMeter for SonarQube
Free SonarQube plug-in. Boost your measurements!


Boost your measurements with the free SourceMeter SonarQube plug-in

FrontEndART Ltd. has developed a free plug-in for the SonarQube source code analyzer. With this plug-in, users can perform more assessment with better precision

QualityGate version 1.3 released!

With the new version, you will be able to make more precise and extensive measurements regarding system quality.

What's Great About Frontendart Products?

Market-leading solutions for affordable prices Our tools are on par with leading solutions for reasonable prices - without any compromise.
Innovation Our solutions are based on results of the University of Szeged's internationally awarded researches.
Ease of use Our tools make it easy to solve complex problems on a daily basis.
Pays for itself Our products are swift to produce their prices by eliminating unnecessary development and testing expenses.
Services that add value We provide personalized services to help you make the best of our tools and the option to customize our products - fitting them to your needs.

Video - QualityGate

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A short tutorial about its operation, major features and usability.

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